general mills goes old school

I was shopping in the cereal isle at target yesterday and saw these awesome retro boxes. i may just go back and buy them all to keep the box fronts



i am going to be making a cook book series that needs a hand drawn typeface. so i bought a new typeface and it looks like this



wedding invites

kat and jk's wedding invites are ready for print. yay!


thanks rose!

i posted not too long ago about using starched fabric to create non permanent wallpaper, but my friend rosemary has taken it to a new level! Super cute idea. Here are her instructions 

1) cut shapes out of fabric
2) soak the fabric in a bowl of liquid starch
3) place fabric on wall
4) let dry


dsvc student show

yay! love the new site, christina! go look here. i am going to enter stuff...hopefully it will get in. 


loyal jack

for my senior thesis, i am creating a line of natural dog products for large breed dogs. here is the business card front and backs i came up with. 


tillman's roadhouse

valentine's day was amazing! we went to tillman's roadhouse and it was hands down the best restaurant i have ever eaten at. first we started with a bib lettuce, orchid petal, blood orange salad with warm crab dressing. then kevin had the ribeye with garlic mashed potatoes, and i had chicken fried lobster with a nice poblano country gravy and some asparagus. ( i know...believe me i never thought i would eat lobster with anything other than butter sauce either) to finish it off we had table side smores. they hand make their graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows. 

it was soooooo amazing! the atmosphere, the food, the design...everything down to the smallest detail was planned out. a fun experience well worth the price tag. 



i have to admit the images i have been looking at on decor8 and design sponge have inspired me to photograph the color pink...and cereal. so this is my series of pink. happy valentines weekend!




so i found out via my mom (thanks mom!) that the maker of helvetica is creating another documentary, this time about object design. how exciting! see the trailer here.



Great furniture from Fly. I wonder if they ship to the US...


label series

these are some meat labels that i just finished. i had already made the cow one, but just added the lamb and piggy :)

flickr find

amazing interior inspiration gallery from decorology


bold and noble

i want to go to there! i love these prints



so my senior show idea didn't get picked, but the evening got better after a talk from tronic. amazing 3d videos!


more beautiful work

my sister in law does such great photography! here is a recent one.
her blog is  on the right under jen strain photography


senior show poster

still in progress. voting got moved to wednesday due to ice last week. im pooped.