alice b. gardens

eeeeeeh! i love these photos! pretty pretty colors :D


lovely find

some plastic alliums i found for three dollars at joanns. go figure.

martha pillows

this is what i am going to do for some of my couch pillows. i forgot i had some euro pillow forms in the closet, so these things are going to be big! i think having over-sized pillows will help scale down the living room. our stuff is going to look so small in a house :/


the scoop on goop

i now love gwyneth paltrow even more for her site goop. yesterday i got a nice email with recipes for several cookies. i highly recommend becoming a subscriber. 


new address postcards

i'm thinking i am going to gocco these onto some kraft cardstock


etsy finds

i think my owl and bird from the runnybunny need a friend

deer from fruit fly pie

owls from the runny bunny


aleks sennwald

lovely illustration work by aleks


three sisters ink

cute name, cute stuff. buy some here