today we are celebrating five of our nieces and nephews' birthdays! our gift to them is a trip to a rangers game in august, so to give them something to open and hold in their hands today,  I made these little goody bags of peanuts and cracker jacks with a tag in the front explaining what it is for. Although my suspicions are that my three year old niece will be clueless about the game, but be totally excited she got a bag of treats :)


diy headboard ideas

our guest room furniture at the moment is comprised of a box spring, a mattress, and a metal bed frame. if you are in a similar bind here are some headboard ideas that you can pull off for cheap!

find two pieces of plywood at a hardware store and stain away

use wallpaper or a block of color to create a headboard

cover a couple of canvases in fabric using a staple gun and mount above the bed

yuki polaroids

some lovely shots by yuki


tilt shift

i've been seeing a lot of tilt shift photography lately and im loving it! if you don't want to hassle with it, try using this simulator on your regular photos. if you want to make your photos look miniature i recommend using ones with a very zoomed out overhead view. 

this first one is a photo i took years ago and put in the simulator



lena corwin

wallpaper at curiosity shop. this would be perfect for behind the dining room table or the wall next to the front entry :)


look what i did!

good news, we got the house we just put an offer on! we are happy but still on the cautious side, since nothing has gone right for us lately. 

second set of good news, i actually made something i said i was going to make. hah. instructions are a few posts below. the second pillow on the couch was bought at pottery barn. 


pretty things

at twigs and honey's shop