Tonight i was really craving one of the best burger combinations i have ever had : bacon, cheddar, bleu cheese, and avacado with lettuce and onion. There is a great place in Arlington called Tom's Burger and Grill off 30 and Cooper, but we didn't want to drive that far so I thought we would go to Fuddruckers and I would drop the avacado part of it. Sooooo, that was a terrible idea. The "bleu cheese" they gave me looked like a slice of provolone. I argued that that clearly wasn't bleu cheese and they argued back that it clearly was! It tasted terrible and wasn't even close to being as wonderful as bleu cheese crumbles. So no more fuddruckers for me.

Also, there is this neato place that my mom is taking us next weekend called the Counter. Its a build your own burger place with neat toppings, and they serve veggie burgers my fave! Check it out, it's too cool for words. I can't wait!!

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