fingers crossed, me and kevin will be going to atlanta april 2nd for a company paid vacation. although i am bummed that it is the same week as the dsvc student show... :( 

i've already started looking for restaurants and found this neat one: jct kitchen.



gluekit does print, check them out



santasbeard.com and if you didn't do it last year go elf yourself


coconut macaroons

me and my mom did some more holiday baking yesterday. i absolutely love these coconut macaroons. they were so simple and they taste amazing. 

coconut macaroons (makes 30)

3 egg whites
1/2 c. sugar
1/4 tsp. salt
1 bag sweetened coconut flakes

how to:
whisk egg whites, sgar and salt together until frothy. i used an electric mixer to speed things up. don't mix it too much or it will begin to form peaks.

mix in the coconut using a fork until mixture is moist. then form tabelspoon sized dollops onto a parchment paper  covered baking sheet (they won't spread when baking)

cook at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes


whah whah

hello friends. i will be shutting down the blog for finals week. see you all again next monday!


holiday baking

this morning i was awoken by the pitter-patter of obese kitty feet and then a bunch of little sharp teeth biting into my hand. thanks link.

anyways, here are the christmas cookies i am making for family this year. get the recipe here. below are the boxes i am using from martha's michaels collection. 

a similar idea that can be used by the non-baking type would be buy bite sized brownies and cover them in melted white chocolate and crushed peppermint. Me and my freshman roommate did this once and it turned out yummy. 


three handmade lamps from readymade

This one seems to be the hardest of the three, but considering modern ceiling lamps like this one can cost over $600 at dwr, I would say it is worth it. How to instructions here.

it says to make this one with styrofoam cups, but I think it would look really mod to use some clear plastic cups, the strong ones with no ridges. How to here. 

yarn, fabric stiffener, balloons? how cool! i am definately trying this one considering the elementary school paste and newspaper memories it will bring up :) how to here 




when visiting the site, do not use your scroll bar. other than that, the site is very fun, with some really cool work. 



senior exhibition

Three of my dear friends are graduating this semester and are holding their senior show on Monday, December 8th. It will be held in the gallery of north moudy on the tcu campus at 7pm. For more info and to see their work click here


jacqleen bleu photos

i really want to buy some of her photos. they are so beautiful and aged looking. love it.

nick malgieri

my mom sent me a link to this pastry chef's website, and i am very excited to try some of his recipes. go check them out here


kate nash poster

my last illustration project for the semester. i think once i print it out i will do some stitching on it. 

new fabric

just ordered some fabric from ink and spindle! i am super excited, especially since i now know that the US dollar is worth more than the AU dollar, which makes everything on sale. woot!


the starbucks wreath

this seems like it would be fairly easy to recreate. i will let you know how it goes. i think i will be doing mine in all white.


i saw a wreath at starbucks over the weekend that i am going to recreate, and in the midst of searching for instructions on how to make a glass ball wreath i found a bunch of other great ideas online. 


neither fish nor fowl

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